Kwakiutl Wagalus School, Port Hardy

Kwakiutl Wagalus School, Port Hardy |Acoustic Engineering Consultants - Vancouver - BAP Acoustics Ltd.

This new K to Grade 7 school was designed by Lubor Trubka Associates Architects for the Kwakiutl First Nation – a rural community located on the northern tip of Vancouver Island. The heart of the school, the multi-purpose cultural room, represents a modern interpretation of Kwakiutl’s traditional Big House.

BAP Acoustics was engaged by Lubor Trubka Associates Architects to provide design input to adequately control reverberation and optimise speech intelligibility in classrooms, corridors, the gymnasium and the aforementioned multi-purpose room. Building elements were designed with sections containing acoustic absorption behind open slatted and lattice wood finishes in the ceilings, and behind pre-fabricated wood walls in the gymnasium.

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Kwakiutl First Nation