Northwest Regional Airport, Terrace-Kitimat

Northwest Regional Airport Terminal Expansion, Terrace-Kitimat | Acoustic Engineering Consultants - Vancouver - BAP Acoustics Ltd.

The Northwest Regional Airport in Terrace-Kitimat is the busiest in Northwest British Columbia. Recent growth in large construction projects in the region and the potential for investment by many oil and gas companies will directly impact aviation demands.

As part of the airport master plan, the existing terminal building is to be refurbished and expanded. The Office of McFarlane Biggar (OMB) is developing phase one of the terminal expansion plan.

BAP Acoustics was engaged by OMB to provide design input into the selection and placement of the public address (PA) loudspeakers for promotion of audible communications in the check-in area and concourse. The acoustics of these spaces were computer modelled using EASE (Enhanced Acoustic Simulator for Engineers) to enable the integration the PA loudspeakers above the open wood slat ceiling, while adequately controlling reverberation and optimising speech intelligibility in the large open public spaces.

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Northwest Regional Airport