Okanagan Secondary School, Kelowna

OKM Secondary School, Kelowna |Acoustic Engineering Consultants - Vancouver - BAP Acoustics Ltd.

BAP Acoustics provided acoustic services to CEI Architecture during the renovation of Okanagan Mission Secondary School. The project included the conversion of a fitness room into a drama theatre, conversion of the drama room to a multi-purpose space, and the provision of a number of music practice rooms.

We recommended construction methods and materials for the sound-separating partitions surrounding the repurposed spaces, and for rectifying the acoustic leaks between the old gymnasium and the music facilities.

Acoustically absorbent finishes and features were proposed to control reverberation and promote high levels of speech intelligibility and musical clarity in the drama room and multi-purpose space. We also recommended cost-effective noise control measures to keep the background noise from the air supply and exhaust systems to a desirable level.

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School District 23