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Noise & Vibration Measurement & Analysis

Environmental / Community Noise Monitoring and Assessment

Various noise-related health hazards can affect our communities. These include sleep disturbance, community annoyance, as well as interference with speech communication and learning ability. Noise pollution from new industrial or transportation projects, or the construction of those projects, concerns us all.

Our noise specialists use computerized outdoor noise models to accurately predict sound emissions from existing and proposed noise sources, including industry, highways, railways, heliports, and airports. These models take into account sound energy losses attributed to distance, atmospheric absorption, refraction in the atmosphere, ground effects, and shielding from obstacles to sound (e.g. terrain, buildings, noise barriers).

Computerized noise modelling provides us with the ability, at the planning stage, to predict noise from future projects and assess the potential for adverse impacts on nearby communities. It also allows us to investigate effective noise control measures, such as quieter equipment or the introduction of roadside noise barriers, earth berms, or silencers.

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