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Wahleach Creek Powerhouse, Hope

Silence at your fingertips: an acoustic breakthrough

It’s humbling to change our stance about soundproofing products, but this new foam recently patented by a local inventor promises to render the dream of pin-drop quiet accessible to everyone. Formulated with organic, ethically sourced, and sustainable plant materials, Silence Spray™ is nothing short of revolutionary.

Silhouette of a head with a light bulb inside, containing multiple colorful gears and cogs, with the light bulb connected to an electrical plug at the bottom.

We’re guessing if you’ve ever read our content, you were on to us immediately. Have a Happy April Fool’s Day, and stay tuned for a real blog post next week. We’ll be sharing our take on the new ISO standard addressing the many challenges of acoustic design as it pertains to open-plan offices.

And now, as every Friday, we’ll show ourselves out. ?

A large blue statue of a laughing face next to text that reads: "Friday Funnies. We specialize in 'dad jokes'... and April Fool's Day pranks!" BAP Acoustics logo is at the bottom right.

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