Ogden Point Heliport, Victoria

Ogden Point Heliport, Victoria | Acoustic Engineering Consultants - Vancouver - BAP Acoustics Ltd.

The Greater Victoria Harbour Authority (GVHA) is committed to balancing the social, environmental and economic impacts of harbour activities on Victoria Harbour and the community. The BAP Acoustics team was commissioned by the GVHA, and worked with Integra Airport Systems, to assess noise associated with the Ogden Point Heliport in the nearby James Bay community. The heliport is currently operated by Helijet, which has been providing scheduled flights between Vancouver and Victoria since 1986.

The noise assessment involved noise monitoring at several community locations over a nine-day period. In addition, the BAP team made use of GPS technologies to correlate helicopter flight position with noise levels received in the surrounding community.

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Greater Victoria Harbour Authority