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Building Acoustic Design

Building Envelope Acoustic Design

Lower Mainland municipalities frequently require acoustic reports to accompany Rezoning, Development or Building Permit applications for residential development. Our acoustic reports primarily address the impact of exterior noise sources (such as road or aircraft traffic) on living rooms and bedrooms, to ensure interior acoustic environments meet the recommendations of Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), or in the case of the City of Vancouver (CoV), Section 4.15, “Acoustics” of the CoV Zoning and Development Bylaws.

Using our in-house CadnaA outdoor noise propagation software, we simulate road traffic and other sources to assess levels impacting residential developments. These studies help us determine interior noise levels likely to result in completed buildings. Subsequently, we provide design advice to ensure that the selected glazing systems, be they windows, window walls or curtain walls, result in interior noise environments compliant with municipal expectations, and more importantly, with that of residents.

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